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Derbyshire Wedding Music – How To Get It Right!

Derbyshire’s Most Recommended Live Band Tell You How To Plan The Perfect Derbyshire Wedding Music.

Having performed live music at over 400 Derbyshire weddings, the Derbyshire Wedding Musicians from 12th Generation know a thing or two about getting your Derbyshire Wedding Music just perfect. Here we’ll give some simple advice about how to plan your special day and get your wedding music program just right.

We’ll start… at the end! The ultimate goal for any Derbyshire Wedding Musicians is that last moment in the night where the Bride and Groom are in the middle of the dance-floor, encircled by their family and friends, all of whom are jumping wildly in the air to the last song of the greatest party of their lives! Yup, this might all sound a bit crazy, but your Derbyshire wedding is a celebration and if you want a mediocre end to the night then go ahead and book Barry, the local part-time DJ/full-time lorry driver! If you want a party that is planned and realised by the region’s top music entertainers from the first minute to the last enormous applause then you quite simply need a great live band who will  grab your Derbyshire wedding by the b*lls and ensure your friends and family will be talking about your Derbyshire Wedding Music for YEARS on end!

So, the first thing we’ll say is if you want a nice quiet night then don’t book 12th Generation because that’s not what we do. We’re passionate about live Derbyshire events and every wedding and party we play at receives all the energy we can muster and we won’t stop until all your guests are fully entertained. We plan your Derbyshire Wedding Music to suit your personal tastes but also to ensure that whether your Derbyshire wedding is to 50 people or 500 people then they’ll be up and dancing and enjoying the large variety of different songs from our repertoire.

So when picking your Derbyshire Wedding Music here’s a list of things you really must look for:

1. Live Videos From Derbyshire Weddings

There’s really no excuse, your band should have as much live video as possible from real events. If they just have a studio video then firstly, you have no idea how they perform to a live audience, and secondly you really don’t know what your Derbyshire Wedding Music will sound like. Any half decent producer can make a band sound good in a studio so you’re better of judging live footage against live footage to know what your Derbyshire Wedding Musicians will really look and sound like.

Derbyshire Wedding Band

Derbyshire Wedding Band

2. Testimonies from REAL Clients at REAL Derbsyhire Wedding Venues

This speaks for itself. All testimonies should include at least the client’s first name and the venue so you can check them if you need to.

3. A good, varied Wedding Band Repertoire

You might be tempted to book a band who play your favourite type of music – let’s say you just like chart music, or you want an Indie band vibe, but unless ALL your guests have the same taste then you really need to ensure your band offer a mix from all the popular genres – pop, rock, soul, indie, disco etc so everyone in the room will want to get up and dance. Once guests are on the dance-floor they’ll stay on the dance-floor so it’ll really only take one or two of their favourite songs to get them up and dancing then they’ll find themselves enjoying lots of other genres they didn’t even know they liked!

4. Get your timings right!

Your Derbyshire Wedding Music can be reaDerbyshire Wedding Musiclly screwed up if the timings aren’t right on the night! Now what that doesn’t mean is that at exactly 20:45 the band must start or the whole night will be ruined. Timings can be relaxed, but the essential thing is to not clash certain activities. For example, if you’re evening buffet was meant to come out at 8:30 but didn’t come out until 9 but the band were due on at 9 DON’T panic and force your Derbyshire Wedding Band to start whilst people are still eating! This is the perfect way to completely waste the first set! Most weddings finish around midnight so you can simply relax, let the band run things, we’ll keep the disco going and get the band on once everyone is fully fed and watered and ready to boogie!

Also, when planning your Derbyshire Wedding Music, don’t feel you need to get the band on early to get your first dance ‘out the way’! It’s only the Bride and Grooms First Dance as a Husband and Wife, not the first dance ANYONE can do over the evening! Live bands should go on as late as possible; definitely after 8:30, but later is fine.

So, we hope this has given you a few ideas on how to go about getting the absolute best from your Derbyshire Wedding Music. If you want to get a quote from the most recommended Derbyshire Wedding Band then please drop us a line via our Quick Quote form to the right >>>>

We are exclusively managed by the UK’s leading music management company, G-Sounds Wedding and Events Entertainment.

12th Generation Wedding And Party Band

Carriage Hall Plumtree Wedding Review – Live Entertainment


I just wanted to write and thank you!!!

12th Generation performed at our wedding at Carriage Hall in Nottingham. We were blown away… the set was fantastic and you had everyone up and dancing all night (the attached pic is testament to that!) and it created the most fantastic atmosphere. We had the most fun! We’ve been to a lot of weddings and seen a fair few bands but I can honestly say we couldn’t have been happier with choosing you guys! The lead singer had a fabulous voice which exceeded our expectations. There’s been such lovely feedback from all our guests…

I’m sorry its taken us so long to extend our thanks for being such a big part of our special day, we’ve not long been back from honeymoon and with Christmas and New year its all been a bit manic but now we can take a breath and get in touch just to say a huge thank you! I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! We will definitely be recommending you!

Kindest regards,

Lauren & Ewan
(Mr&Mrs Porter)

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Dovecliff Hall Hotel Wedding Entertainment Review

Morning Sam and all the Band Members,
Firstly can we say a big thank you for an amazing professional and stress free service.
The performance you gave at Hayley and Darrens wedding on Saturday was absolutely fantastic. Everybody commented on how amazing you all were!! I think the proof was in the amount of dancing being done :-)
That just leaves me to wish you every success in the future and if we ever need a Band in the future we wouldn’t hesitate to come back to you again.
Many Thanks
Richard and Sandra
Wedding at Dovecliff Hall Hotel, Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire DE13 0DJ

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Watch the 100% live video of the band performing at Dovecliff Hall Hotel below.

How to best schedule your Wedding Reception timings

Do you need help working out the best timings for your wedding reception? Wondering what schedule works best to ensure maximum enjoyment for your wedding guests? Need to plan your live music around your wedding DJ, Cutting Of The Cake, First Dance, buffet etc? Read on…

With experience planning over 400 successful wedding receptions, 12th Generation Wedding And Party Band know a thing or two about scheduling! First thing to say is that timings should be flexible – this is the number 1 rule to planning any public event. There’s no point sticking rigidly to your 8:30pm First Dance if the Groom is still in the queue for a shot of Dutch Courage or Grandma has passed out from too much Sherry!

The reception should be a relaxed and enjoyable occasion. The majority of formalities are out of the way, the pressure is off and it’s time to party. So if timings happen to be 10 minutes behind, don’t panic! An experienced band/DJ will pretty much be running things at this point of the day and they’ll be able to judge the room and get things flowing. If you have a live band playing then they’ll be on standby for when you need them, even if it does happen to be 30 minutes or so later than you’d originally planned.

So, with this in mind, here’s a rough schedule which should help with your plans – we’ve based this around a live band, because let’s be honest, successful weddings always have a live band and if you don’t have one… then you still have time to book a great live band for your wedding!

6pm – Your wedding breakfast should be finished around now. Your live band/DJ should be onsite and ready to start setting up. Family and friends should use this time to catch up with people they might not have had a chance to talk to during the busy wedding day.

7:30pm – This is around the time your evening guests will arrive. Your DJ should get some music on at this point, but nothing too heavy. Over the next hour the atmosphere should build. The lights should be lowered and the music should increase in volume and energy in anticipation for the Cutting Of The Cake and First Dance

8:30pm – Cutting Of The Cake! Your bandleader or DJ should ensure all guests are gathered around, cameras at the ready – it can take a surprisingly long time to get everyone together for this, particularly in larger venues, but don’t worry. As Bride and Groom you should sit back and relax until everyone is in place. Remember, it’s your day and you shouldn’t have to wait for anyone!

cutting the cake

8:45pm – First Dance – this should immediately follow the Cutting Of The Cake. You want all your friends and family gathered around the dance-floor. When your First Dance has finished the band should kick straight into the first live song and everyone should join you both on the dance-floor. Some Brides and Grooms like the band/DJ to invite couples up to dance with them around halfway through the First Dance, and this always transitions well into the live sets. Don’t forget to read our blog Advice On Choosing Your Wedding First Dance.


8:50pm – First Live Set from the band – now the party really starts! With all your guests close to the dance-floor, a decent band shouldn’t take more than 30 seconds to get everyone up and dancing. 12th Generation Wedding and Party Band always kick off with an uptempo song so the night starts with a band. Click here to see some great live footage of a live wedding band performing.

9:40pm – Buffet – pretty self explanatory! Time to eat :-) Your band should not be playing whilst the food is out, so this is when the music is passed back to your DJ and the band take a well deserved break after an energetic first set.

10:30pm – Second Live Set from the band – no need for the band to rush back. A good pro band will get back onstage when the time is right. All guests should have finished eating, glasses should be refreshed and everyone should be ready for a HUGE second set of live party music!

11:20pm – DJ until close. We recommend weddings finish around 12/12:30am. Remember, it’s an incredibly long day, particularly for the Bride and Groom. It’s better to end with all your guests still having fun and shouting for more rather than a few drunken hard cores falling around the dance-floor at 2am, badgering the DJ for club hits from the early 90s! A good DJ will ensure the last few songs are big singalong numbers; all the guests will be gathered around the Bride and Groom on the dance-floor. This is a very special and often emotional moment for everyone, so make the most of it! The DJ will have planned this moment and will have coordinated with the venue staff to ensure the lights go up to a big round of applause at the end of the final song.

We really hope this blog post helps when planning your Wedding Reception. Just remember, your Wedding Reception is all about fun! So, if things are running behind, just relax! A professional live wedding band and DJ can work around your schedule on the fly to make sure your evening runs smoothly and is great fun for you and your guests.

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12th Generation Wedding And Party Band xxx

Choosing your First Dance

Getting Married soon? Can’t think of a song for your wedding First Dance? Wondering whether to have a traditional First Dance, a modern First Dance or perhaps you want some ideas of Celebrity First Dances? Click the link below for 100+ suggestions (you can also Right Click to save as a PDF for offline reading).

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First Dance Ideas


Dovecliff Hall Hotel Weddings, Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire – Wedding Entertainment

The region’s most recommended live entertainment for Dovecliff Hall Hotel Weddings – 12th Generation Wedding And Party Band!

We performed on Saturday at a wedding at Dovecliff Hall Hotel in Staffordshire. As we pulled up to the impressive entrance we just knew it was one of those venues we would love and it was going to be a brilliant wedding party!

See 100% live video we took from the night below. This is totally unedited from a small camcorder in the corner. No autotune, no studio overdubs – the only way to truly know what band you’re getting for your wedding!

Whilst you watch our video why not fill in our Quick Quote (it’s just over there in the right hand Side Box!). It only takes 30 seconds and as it’s a no obligation quote you really have no reason not to! We’ll send you a free quote within 24 hours.

Also, don’t forget to check out the Dovecliff Hall Hotel Wedding Fayre here.

It was lovely to get fantastic Dovecliff Hall Hotel Wedding reviews from our clients first thing on Monday morning:

“Morning Sam and all the Band Members,
Firstly can we say a big thank you for an amazing professional and stress free service.
The performance you gave at Hayley and Darren’s wedding on Saturday was absolutely fantastic. Everybody commented on how amazing you all were!! I think the proof was in the amount of dancing being done :-)
That just leaves me to wish you every success in the future and if we ever need a Band in the future we wouldn’t hesitate to come back to you again.
Many Thanks
Richard and Sandra”

There’s two great things about being in a Wedding Band. Firstly, knowing that we do something that will be remembered by the Bride and Groom for the rest of their lives – this is a very special feeling for us and what motivates us to work to the highest standard on all weddings, and indeed all events we perform for. The other is the priveledge of working in some of the most beautiful locations in the Staffordshire, Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire area.

We were given a warm welcome upon arrival – coffee and sandwiches in a beautiful drawing room, overlooking spectacular gardens in the fading daylight. Once the speeches were finished we were shown to Dovecliff Hall’s main room, a beautiful space with more incredible views across the Staffordshire countryside.

We were introduced to two friendly gents from The Dance Floor Company a local company based in Derby who provide lots of great services for weddings and events. They were setting up their brand new LED dance-floor, which looked absolutely fantastic! This really complimented the lighting we provide as part of our DJ service and we hope to work with these guys again as the room looked great with everything set up.

The wedding guests were in great form, and surrounded the dance-floor for the Bride and Groom’s first dance. We then kicked in with some real party classics and the wedding party remained in full swing until we finished things up with a special ‘last dance’ for the Bride and Groom at midnight.

Also a special mention for 14 year old Chloe, a family member who performed a beautiful version of Make You Feel My Love after the band’s first set. She did this especially for the Bride and Groom. It really was a touching moment and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house!

All in all it was a fantastic event, made even better by the lovely guests, the friendly and helpful staff at Dove Cliff Hall Hotel and all the other professional suppliers who worked together to help make the day a great success.

Can’t wait for our next performance at Dovecliff Hall Hotel, Staffordshire.

Fashionably late!

Late? 12th Generation?! Never!! This actually refers to a late night party we put on for Republic Fashion’s Annual Christmas Party at the ever so trendy Oracle in Leeds. We turned up that night grateful that we’d be sticking to our smart suits, rather than trying to compete with the young and trendy crowd who frequent Republic HQ.

Looking over the repertoire and the audience we wondered whether it’d be best to stick to modern pop covers or throw in our usual mix of great motown, disco, soul, pop, rock etc. How could we have underestimated this audience?! Within the first 30 seconds they filled the dancefloor and were lip synching along to some classic motown in the form of Michael Jackson’s ‘Rock With You’. Cee Lo Green followed and they kept right on dancing. Proving that class is timeless a break-dancing competition ensued as we funked it up with some Stevie Wonder – that lot have some serious moves!

It seemed that night that the audience wanted it all, so that’s what we gave them! We kept mixing it up, song after song, 90s, 60s, 80s, 00s – they loved it all!

What a fantastic night of fun. Thanks to everyone at Republic and the lovely staff at Oracle.

12th Generation Party Band


Partying with the troops!

12th Generation Party Band were proud to perform for the 9th Regiment Army Air Corp this weekend! Many of these guys were freshly back from Afghanistan, and definitely deserved a great party!

The theme for the night was a Masquerade Ball, and the revellers were treated to a variety of entertainment before 12th Generation Party Band took over for the night shift. Starting off with a wonderful slot from the Regiment’s brass band, the Officers were then treated to Ballroom Dancing lessons!

Thoroughly warmed up and with a wonderful selection of food and drinks polished off, 12th Generation kicked off with an unusually late first set, not going on until around 11pm. The first set included a great mix of songs, here it is:

1. Let Me Entertain You

2. Soul Man

3. Crazy Little Thing

4. We Are Family

5. Valerie

6. Beatles Medley

7. I Feel Good

8. September

9. Superstition

10. Lady Marmalade

11. Call Me Maybe

12. Mr Brightside

And from all those different songs, classic Soul and Motown, The Beatles, Indie Rock and Pop, guess which one went down the best with over 150 of Britain’s finest soldiers? You’ve guessed it… Call Me Maybe from Pop Princess Carly Rae Jepsen!!

We went on for set 2 well after midnight, starting off with Cee Lo Green’s classic Forget You, always guaranteed to fill a dance-floor. The second set included:

1. Forget You

2. Rock With You

3. Wanna Dance With Somebody

4. Blame It On The Boogie

5. Brown Eyed Girl

6. I Wish

7. Funky Music

8. Moves Like Jagger

9. Sweet Home Alabama

10. Higher and Higher

11. Don’t Stop Believing

12. Sex On Fire

Hard to pick a favourite from this set with so many top party tunes squeezed into 50 minutes of live music. Sex On Fire never fails to get everyone head-banging! Moves Like Jagger continues to be on of the most requested songs of 2012 and the Officer’s other halves were loving Whitney’s I Wanna Dance With Somebody.

After the live music our disco and LED lighting package, included as standard on all events, went on until 4am – the latest finish to date! Mr Brightside was requested no less than 3 times, despite us having already played it live… but when 4 soldiers freshly back from duty ask you for a song you don’t say no!!

All in all it was a fantastic night and our thanks goes out for all the guys and gals from the Regiment as well as the wonderful caterers who sorted us out with Champagne and Sausage sandwiches at 3am! Hope to see you all again soon.

12th Generation Party Band