Derbyshire Wedding Music – How To Get It Right!

Derbyshire’s Most Recommended Live Band Tell You How To Plan The Perfect Derbyshire Wedding Music.

Having performed live music at over 400 Derbyshire weddings, the Derbyshire Wedding Musicians from 12th Generation know a thing or two about getting your Derbyshire Wedding Music just perfect. Here we’ll give some simple advice about how to plan your special day and get your wedding music program just right.

We’ll start… at the end! The ultimate goal for any Derbyshire Wedding Musicians is that last moment in the night where the Bride and Groom are in the middle of the dance-floor, encircled by their family and friends, all of whom are jumping wildly in the air to the last song of the greatest party of their lives! Yup, this might all sound a bit crazy, but your Derbyshire wedding is a celebration and if you want a mediocre end to the night then go ahead and book Barry, the local part-time DJ/full-time lorry driver! If you want a party that is planned and realised by the region’s top music entertainers from the first minute to the last enormous applause then you quite simply need a great live band who will  grab your Derbyshire wedding by the b*lls and ensure your friends and family will be talking about your Derbyshire Wedding Music for YEARS on end!

So, the first thing we’ll say is if you want a nice quiet night then don’t book 12th Generation because that’s not what we do. We’re passionate about live Derbyshire events and every wedding and party we play at receives all the energy we can muster and we won’t stop until all your guests are fully entertained. We plan your Derbyshire Wedding Music to suit your personal tastes but also to ensure that whether your Derbyshire wedding is to 50 people or 500 people then they’ll be up and dancing and enjoying the large variety of different songs from our repertoire.

So when picking your Derbyshire Wedding Music here’s a list of things you really must look for:

1. Live Videos From Derbyshire Weddings

There’s really no excuse, your band should have as much live video as possible from real events. If they just have a studio video then firstly, you have no idea how they perform to a live audience, and secondly you really don’t know what your Derbyshire Wedding Music will sound like. Any half decent producer can make a band sound good in a studio so you’re better of judging live footage against live footage to know what your Derbyshire Wedding Musicians will really look and sound like.

Derbyshire Wedding Band

Derbyshire Wedding Band

2. Testimonies from REAL Clients at REAL Derbsyhire Wedding Venues

This speaks for itself. All testimonies should include at least the client’s first name and the venue so you can check them if you need to.

3. A good, varied Wedding Band Repertoire

You might be tempted to book a band who play your favourite type of music – let’s say you just like chart music, or you want an Indie band vibe, but unless ALL your guests have the same taste then you really need to ensure your band offer a mix from all the popular genres – pop, rock, soul, indie, disco etc so everyone in the room will want to get up and dance. Once guests are on the dance-floor they’ll stay on the dance-floor so it’ll really only take one or two of their favourite songs to get them up and dancing then they’ll find themselves enjoying lots of other genres they didn’t even know they liked!

4. Get your timings right!

Your Derbyshire Wedding Music can be reaDerbyshire Wedding Musiclly screwed up if the timings aren’t right on the night! Now what that doesn’t mean is that at exactly 20:45 the band must start or the whole night will be ruined. Timings can be relaxed, but the essential thing is to not clash certain activities. For example, if you’re evening buffet was meant to come out at 8:30 but didn’t come out until 9 but the band were due on at 9 DON’T panic and force your Derbyshire Wedding Band to start whilst people are still eating! This is the perfect way to completely waste the first set! Most weddings finish around midnight so you can simply relax, let the band run things, we’ll keep the disco going and get the band on once everyone is fully fed and watered and ready to boogie!

Also, when planning your Derbyshire Wedding Music, don’t feel you need to get the band on early to get your first dance ‘out the way’! It’s only the Bride and Grooms First Dance as a Husband and Wife, not the first dance ANYONE can do over the evening! Live bands should go on as late as possible; definitely after 8:30, but later is fine.

So, we hope this has given you a few ideas on how to go about getting the absolute best from your Derbyshire Wedding Music. If you want to get a quote from the most recommended Derbyshire Wedding Band then please drop us a line via our Quick Quote form to the right >>>>

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