We understand that many of our clients will be looking to book a band for the very first time. Booking a band is actually very straightforward, and should be a totally stress free experience. It’s always worth remembering that we perform at around 100 events per year; we know exactly what we’re doing and we will have come across every eventually you can imagine so you really can just relax!

Of course you’ll have questions throughout the booking process and up to the day of your event, but hopefully the following list will answer many of them in advance:

  1. What is the process for booking the band? – The first thing you’ll need to do is visit our contact page and fill in the contact form. Once you have received your quote and are happy to go ahead we will ask you for your full home address and write up your contract. This documents protects all parties against cancellation so is very important. We’ve never cancelled on a client but always provide a contract for extra assurance. We will also send you details of how to pay your deposit. Once both the completed contract and deposit are received the booking is confirmed. Final details – timings, song selections etc don’t need to be confirmed until 2 weeks before your event so you will have plenty of time to consider all this. The standard package can be adapted to suit your requirements including additional daytime music, later finish etc, all subject to negotiation and this will all be detailed on your contract.
  2. Will the band perform my first dance? – We are currently not offering this option. We’ve known many bands over the years to offer this to their wedding clients but our experience has told us this is not necessarily a good option. A busy band will be performing at as many as 2-3 weddings per week during the summer. First dance choices can often be complicated arrangements that would take several rehearsals to get to performance standard. Generally bands don’t put this effort in; we’ve known of bands to simply talk through a first dance on the drive to an event or have one play through at soundcheck. The first dance is a very unique and special song for the Bride and Groom and unless a band already have it in the set then it generally would not be performed at the same high standard as the rest of the repertoire, which a band have played on numerous occasions. Also, the song very often sounds different from a live band than the original, which might be unexpected for the Bride and Groom or make a pre-prepared dance difficult. With all this in mind we find it’s definitely the best option to have the original version played on our inclusive disco and then for the live band to follow straight in with a fairly up tempo number to keep everyone on or around the dancefloor.
  3. What happens if a musician is ill or becomes unavailable? – we have several musicians to cover every seat in the band. Professional musicians generally work in a network and they will all have a vast repertoire of popular songs that they have performed at literally hundreds of events. As a professional band with contracts every week we have cover musicians who have all performed with the band on numerous occasions and know the sets as well as the regular band-members. We have never and would never need to cancel an event under any circumstances and all the musicians we work with are full time pros with bags of experience.
  4. Do you have the required insurance venues require? РYes! We have £5 million of public liability insurance, the maximum required by any venue. We use professional sound engineers on our events and all equipment has been PAT tested.
  5. Have you worked with sound-limiters or venues with specific requirements? – Yes, many times. It is more and more common these days for venues to limit the DB output of a band. Our musicians are very used to this and have worked under these conditions on lots of past events without any issues.
  6. Will you liaise with our venue, wedding planner or other suppliers to ensure everything runs to plan? – Absolutely. Being a full-time professional band we have an experienced manager who is happy to liaise with all required parties throughout the whole planning process.