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Wike Ridge Golf Club Event

We had the pleasure of performing at Wike Ridge Golf Club a couple of weeks ago. This is a beautiful venue in Leeds, West Yorkshire, also known as Leeds Golf Centre. The band have been performing here for a number of years now, and their newly refurbished function room is looking better than ever before!

We arrived nice and early so had plenty of time to do a long sound check. If you haven’t been to Wike Ridge Golf Club before, then we really do recommend popping in some time, even if it’s just for their amazing Fish and Chips! When we finished setting up we still had half an hour to spare to sat outside with a shandy :-) and enjoyed the beautiful views across the golf course. We’ve performed on weddings and parties at a number of Golf Courses in Leeds, but this is a big favourite of ours. The course itself is lovely, and added to friendly staff and a really good atmosphere, Leeds Golf Centre is definitely a great place for a full day of fun, and a party in the evening!

The dance floor filled from the first song and remained that way throughout the evening. We performed our usual mix of classic party song, soul, motown, disco and rock, tailoring our set to our client’s taste – tonight it was a joint 50th and 60th Birthday party and the audience ranged from 8-80 so we had to make sure we had something for everyone!

It really was a fantastic evening and we look forward to our next wedding, party or event at Wike Ridge Golf Club. Don’t forget to check out the live video below, which we took on the night.

12th Generation Party Band x